IHR04, IHR11 & IHR15

The heat is generated directly in the heart of the metal, at a depth of 5 mm. The heater brings metal to red hot temperature in a few seconds.
No open flame, which allows work to be carried out with no risk of damage to surrounding parts and cables. Induction enables the metal to be heated with precision in a localized spot and brings the metal up to ideal temperature.
Straightening, bending and loosening of seized up pieces can all be carried out with this equipment in opposition to heating with a flame (blowlamp), which heats the metal to temperatures of 3000° C and inevitably changes its technical characteristics.
The induction technique only produces heat at the point of contact and brings the metal almost instantaneously to a uniform temperature of 500 to 600°C.


Power supply:230 V – 50 Hz400 V – 50 Hz400 V – 50 Hz
Max. Power:4 kW11 kW15 kW
Water cooling:5IX20I20I
Cable network:9m9m9m
Inductor cable:3m3m3m
Dimensions:420x420x740 mm500x600x1100 mm500x600x1100 mm
Weight:50 kg120 kg145 kg